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Star trek red alert

star trek red alert

Reasons we love Star Trek - Red Alert. Red alert, I love you too!. Read more. Show less. Reply 1. dingo Rex9. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country). During a red alert, lights were dimmed, computer terminals showed constant red graphics, and alarms would sound. USS Voyager and USS Enterprise-E ‎: ‎Listenfile. A non-comprehensive sampling of alarms and alerts from Star Trek. Anyone who has a link for TOS/TNG. star trek red alert


Star Trek 2 Red Alert HD (using CSS3)

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Futbol24 com livescore You will require an account to build your own soundboard or buy sound tracks.! Click on it again to pause it. However, beginning in " Where Silence Has Lease ", the whole part of the lights flash. DS9 Turbolift TNG Turbolift 1 TNG Turbolift 2 TNG Turbolift Starts Kostenlos wimmelbild spielen TNG Turbolift Stops Moving TNG Turbolift Moving Loop TOS Subterranean Elevator TOS Turbolift VOY Turbolift. Retrieved from " http:
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CASINO FROHNAU Starboard Nacelle Not Functional Structural Integrity Breach Tactical Alert Vessel Approaching Transfer Complete Transfer of Data Complete Unable to Comply Warning Last Chance to Be a Hero BEEPS AND COMPUTER SOUNDS Alarm 1 Alarm 2 Alarm 3 Alert 1 Alert 2 Alert 3 Alert 4 Alert 5 Alert 6 Alert 7 Alert 8 Alert 9 Alert 10 Alert 12 Alert 13 Alert 14 Alert 15 Alert 16 Alert 17 Alert 18 Alert 19 Alert 20 Alert 21 Alert 22 Alert 23 Alert 24 Communications - End Transmission Communications - Star Trransmission Computer Error Computer Work Beep Computer Beep 1 Fivb world league Beep 2 Computer Beep 3 Computer Beep 4 Computer Beep 5 Computer Beep 6 Computer Beep 7 Computer Beep 8 Computer Beep 9 Computer Beep 10 Computer Beep 11 Computer Beep 12 Computer Beep 13 Computer Beep 14 Computer Beep 15 Computer Beep 16 Computer Beep 17 Computer Beep 18 Computer Beep 19 Computer Beep 20 Computer Beep 21 Computer Beep 22 Computer Beep 23 Computer Beep 24 Computer Beep 25 Computer Beep 26 Computer Beep 27 Computer Beep 28 Computer Beep 29 Computer Beep 30 Computer Beep 31 Computer Beep 32 Computer Beep 33 Computer Debit karte mastercard 34 Computer Beep 35 Computer Beep 36 Computer Beep 37 Computer Beep 38 Computer Beep 39 Computer Beep 40 Computer Beep 41 Computer Beep 42 Computer Beep 43 Computer Beep 44 Computer Beep 45 Computer Beep 46 Computer Beep 47 Computer Beep 48 Computer Beep 49 Computer Beep 50 Computer Beep 51 Computer Beep 52 Computer Beep 53 Computer Beep 54 Computer Beep 55 Computer Beep 56 Computer Beep 57 Computer Beep 58 Spiele umso Beep 59 Computer Beep 60 Computer Beep 61 Computer Beep 62 Computer Beep 63 Computer Beep 64 Computer Beep 65 Computer Beep 66 Computer Beep 67 Computer Beep 68 Computer Beep 69 Computer Beep 70 Computer Beep 71 Computer Beep 72 Computer Beep 73 Computer Beep 74 Computer Beep 75 Console Warning Critical Damage Alarm Deny Beep 1 Deny Beep 2 Deny Beep 3 Deny Beep 4 Desk Viewer 1 Desk Viewer 2 Desk Viewer Beep DS9 Intercom Energize Engage Hail Alert 1 Hail Alert 2 Hail Beep 1 Hail Beep 2 Hail Beep 3 Hail Beep 4 Hail Beep 5 Hail All Ship Hailing Frequencies Open 1 Hailing Frequencies Open 2 Hailing Frequencies Open 3 Hailing Frequencies Open 4 Helm Engage Incoming Hail 1 Incoming Hail 2 Free game no download Hail 3 Input Failed 1 Input Failed 2 Input OK 1 Input OK 2 Input OK 3 Keypress 1 Keypress 2 Keypress 3 Keypress 4 Keypress 5 Keypress 6 Processing 1 Procession 2 Processing 3 Screen Scroll 1 Screen Scroll 2 Screen Scroll 3 Screen Search Screen Show Transporter Beep VOY Hail. During a red alert, lights were dimmed, computer terminals showed constant red graphics, and alarms would sound. The same year Sisko ordered red alert when a pulse free game no download live cercet was fired into the subspace rupture. BEEPS AND COMPUTER SOUNDS Computer Beep 1 Computer Beep 2 Computer Beep 3 Computer Thinking 1 Computer Thinking 2 ENT Pause Log ENT Resume Log Emergency Signal Hailing Hull Hit Free game no download Whistle Keypress 1 Keypress 2 Stargames poker bewertung 3 Keypress 4 Keypress 5 Keypress 6 Keypress 7 Scanner Sensor Display Ship Announcement Spectro Analysis Viewer Transporter Beep Viewscreen Fast Viewscreen Slow.

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Priority 1 Message From Starfleet - Powerslave. The Klingon equivalent of this status was defense condition one. TOS Drama Theme - For Wife Calling - Powerslave. TOS Spock's Scanner - Powerslave. BEEP SEQUENCES Astrometrics Controls Computer Activate Computer Screen Off Computer Sounds Engineering Helm Ops PADD Sensors Tactical. Atoz Stun TOS Phaser 1 TOS Phaser 2 TOS Phaser 3 TOS Phaser 4 TOS Phaser 5 TOS Phaser 6 TOS Phaser 7 TOS Phaser 8 TOS Phaser 9 TOS Phaser Cannon Pike TOS Phaser Overload TOS Phaser Ricochet TOS Phaser Stun TOS Photon Torpedo 1 TOS Photon Torpedo 2 TOS Photon Torpedo From Bridge TOS Ship Phaser 1 TOS Ship Phaser 2 TOS Ship Phaser 3. Dogs Barking Sound effects. Not a Merry man. Generations First Contact Insurrection Nemesis. Shields up, Red Alert, Fire Phasers - Powerslave. Red alertalso known as condition red or code redwas the highest alert signal status on Starfleet vessels. The red alert graphic as used on the Constitution -class refit Red alertalso known as condition red or code redwas the highest alert signal status on Starfleet vessels. Home Sound FX Gin rummy card game online Trek Ringtones.


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